The Edward’s: A Restaurant With A Story


I have had such a long and tiring week, to the extent that last Friday felt like two weeks ago.. When my mum woke me up early this past Friday , telling me that we’re going out for breakfast’ with my brothers and their families, I was too drowsy to show my excitement but  and got ready for a cozy family breakfast at a mystery place.

Unlike last week’s mediocre breakfast at “Left Bank, this time we all enjoyed our food and were the only ones being noisy – but that’s because we were the only people there! “The Village” at Cairo Festival City Mall (CFC), New Cairo, Egypt was surprisingly empty for a sunny Friday morning, and the new place called “The Edward’s” was no exception. “The Edward’s” was our choice for breakfast.

If there’s one thing I loved about the place, it’s that it tells a story. Edward is the name of the owner’s late father. As per my analysis, it seems he was a great family man who was loved by many and cooked as a hobby. But the owner did not stop at naming the restaurant after his dad; he also gave the restaurant a homey feeling and integrated his family history in it, filling it with items from his family’s house: An old typewriter, a sewing machine, an old coffee grinder and several paintings were scattered around the place, and books filled the fully-shelved high walls. I took the pleasure of touring the place and looking at every corner. It really is heart-warming.

Now from a food perspective, I’m afraid the place is taking a risk by diversifying its menu a little too much.  For example, they have a breakfast menu full of Lebanese Manakeesh, omelets, and French pastries.  They also have regular appetizers assortment (the likes of Roastery,Steak Out, or even Coffeeshop Company), and then there is a full page for burgers, another one for sushi, warm sandwiches, gourmet salads, main courses, and then a section for healthy / detox /- cocktails. I just can’t put my finger on what kind of restaurant they are. They’re not Sushi and Grill, they’re not Fine Dining, and they’re definitely not Oriental, International, or serve Gourmet Food. They are a mixture of all of those and while this could mean that it’s the perfect destination for large groups, we can also say that, “The Jack of all trades is a master of none”.

Let’s get down to the food!

Food Review

FThe Edwards Food Review Eggsrom the breakfast menu, we ordered two different omelets: the “Oriental Omelet” with oriental sausages and some veggies, and “Masry Omelet” with shredded pastrami. You can also choose regular plain omelets or add cheese (which is not mentioned on the menu), and that’s what  we did with two other orders. The portions were full and the dishes came with two huge buttered toast slices and a big bunch of delicious roasted wedges. Everything was so tasty, rich and juicy. I only took a few bites here and there but I enjoyed everything. The wedges were well seasoned, nicely roasted and they were plenty – most of us couldn’t finish them.

The Edwards Food Review CFC Mall Cuban SandwishAs for the sandwich I ordered a sandwich named “Cuban Style”, which was good but not quite as awesome as the omelets. The only Cuban thing about it was a tint of red chili sauce. A tint, that’s it. I did like it, and the bread was fresh and fluffy, and it was stuffed full with cold cut turkey, roast beef, cheddar cheese and pickles but I did expect it to be more exotic. I expected it to taste like something I’ve never tasted before, something special, something Cuban! But no, there was nothing like that. The plate came with homemade chips, which were well seasoned and crispy enough but not the best. It was also very huge and I had to take half the sandwich to-go.

My nephew ordered waffles with chocolate sauce whichit looked way too crispy to be enjoyable, and the boy had difficulty cutting and chewing it! A little less time in the Waffle maker would have kept it a little softer on the inside at least.

The Edwards Food Review CocktailsAmong us, we had shared three Manakeesh: one was “Ta3meya” which was dry and not really that special, and I honestly don’t recommend it. The other one was “Olive tepanade, tomato, mint and halloumi” and this one was super-duper delicious. I highly recommend it! The mixture of all four ingredients and the way the cheese melted and accentuated the taste…yummm! The good thing was that the mint wasn’t as overpowering as you would expect it to be, so it was just perfect. And last but definitely not least was the “Sakalans” Manakeesh (they don’t really call it that but I just had to say the name!). The traditional, never-grows-old halawa with honey and cream manakeesh . It was heavy and oozing from every side, but nonetheless yummy and nostalgic. We all loved it.

Now for a few “musts” you should know about:

Must try: The Edward’s Detox Cocktails

Must avoid: The Edward’s coffee. By far the worst item on the table. Their coffee is Segafredo by the way.

Must notice: Their placemats, their comment card, their mugs, and their bathrooms. All so very vintage and delightful!

The Edwards at CFC Mall Cairo

The next part is for whom it may concern:

  1. “The Edward’s” social media presence is very weak, we would love to see them more active on all social media mediums! Also, I couldn’t find them on So whoever can approach them for a bit of marketing, I think could easily get them.
  2. I suggest that some slight rebranding could be necessary: starting with removing the “The” so it’s just “Edward’s” (which is much more attractive and easy to say). Another area to work on is their menu, which despite the fanciness of the restaurant, has quite a few mistakes.

Their grand opening is tomorrow, Thursday, September 10, 2015 and here’s their contact number for reservations: 01200887000 – 01200448000


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