Mom’s Perspective Into Motherhood


How we define motherhood in our days today is mainly a hectic experience and a non-stop responsibility. I admit it is not easy, never will and was never meant to be. You are a MOM.

Let us look at the bright side of this adorable journey:

The passion you feel when you hear the first heart beats of your unknown child in your stomach, the first kick, rolls and wiggles when your child is stretching in this little piece of you, the long hours of pain you are going through to give birth and when this pain all go away when you see your baby in your arms.

As moms we are not only giving birth to a child we are also giving birth to some feelings we never knew.

This unconditional love you felt and you still don’t know him/her. The extremely continuous tenderness we experience throughout our journey day and night, the strength we find in ourselves in sleepless nights and non-stop fatigue. How we see the world for them and how we can change ourselves for them. The raising of a great personality is mainly your life achievement and a worth investment.

If we can see the lovely side of this wonderful story, how a little helpless baby can deeply calm and sleep in your arms and how he/she can recognize your smell, your voice, your feelings, your hands. You are what he/she needs to live, breath and love.

Always remember the first smile, hug and kiss you had from this tiny creature and how your heart melts with every new word he/she says.

Your are the mirror of your child, you are the world he/she needs to continue his/her life. You are the reason this human being is HERE. Enjoy every moment your are living raising this little baby, hear his/her heartbeats, smell his/her skin, look into the eyes and secure him and hold him as much as you can. Enjoy being a mom. Cherish every moment you are spending with your child, try to make it memorable for both of you.

Mothers to be who fear the unknown and are scared from the journey ahead and wondering if they are going to be good moms, this mother instinct is never acquired or leading or practicing, it is something that is involuntarily grows into you and rest assured.

GOD created a beautiful soul in us. MOMS are beautiful creatures that the world will never be the same without. We are the reason everyone is alive, we are the reason of a great shared feelings and a blessed hug. Every day is a Mom’s day in a world that truly needs each and every one of us. Happy Mother’s day!

Sarah Sameh

Sarah Sameh

Sarah Sameh is a working mom who has a passion for writing about her motherhood experience, and wants to share it with the world. She is doing her best to keep her work-life balance and develop in her own career. She loves laughing, going out and doing some crazy things, exactly like her son!