Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall…
Prince charming didn’t fall…
Am I the worst one of them all?

Dear woman,

You always tend to fall into the same trap of running after what doesn’t want you. You at many times wonder why you are not good enough for them. You think if they would only stay a bit longer and try harder perhaps you can prove your worth.

Did you ever stop and think before:

Why do I keep looking for happiness in the same places that have hurt me and caused me pain? Why do I insist that what’s broken can be healed? Why do I still hope that what I want can be given to me from the same person who didn’t in the first place?

Did he ever tell you: You are too strong, too bold, too pretty, too much of something?

Let me tell you a very important matter to always remind yourself of. Unfortunately, your great qualities makes some men feel like less of a man and therefore want you to be less of a woman. Less stubborn, softer, quieter, sweeter, smarter, prettier…etc.

You shouldn’t remove jewels from your crown to make a man feel like a king. That is the worst mistake you can do to yourself. You don’t need a smaller crown so he can carry it, you actually need a man with bigger hands.

“Perhaps the problem is not the intensity of your love but the quality of the people you love.”

Well, you are a shining star that is so bright. What did you expect? Of course your light will attract everything around it including mosquitos that bite.

So I kindly ask you, close the chapter that wounded and injured you. Unless the painful chapter is closed a new happy one can’t be opened. You have the chance to write one that is filled with whatever you want and seek in love.

Never feel down or give up hope on a better man. Know that when you stop chasing after someone or something that doesn’t know your true value, you open doors to the ones who truly want and appreciate you just the way you are. A man is out there who will be really honored to be with someone like you.

Goddess goddess in front of me…
Do not care if he will flee…
You are more than what they see.

“If he wants to leave, let him leave. You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love.” — Warsan Shire.

Eman Magdi

Eman Magdi

A free spirit who finally found the courage to break free from the corporate world in Dubai. Ready to journey into unknown adventures with the goal of building a life she doesn’t need to vacation from. Painting is her passion. Living her life to the fullest to feed the soul is her priority. On she goes with her infectious smile back to where she will live by the river Nile.