Arab Men’s Size, Down Under!


Men need to calm down regarding the dilemma of their reproductive organ’s size. Everyone knows that men sometimes tend to be skeptical about their size, but you know what, it is all in their head. Guys, we always look for skills and communication, so work on those before you go crazy on how many centimeters are you!

If men know what they are doing, if they are into playing around and giving the woman what she needs; pre-sex play, correct positions, positions that the partner feels comfortable with, speed, direction… boooom! You are then mastering your sexual relationship!

To be able to have a good sexual life, you need to definitely communicate well with your partner. That’s the key here. Unfortunately, sometimes this is a taboo topic between two partners in the Arab world, not because of anything except that partners come from a cultural background that doesn’t discuss this much. And if you are not lucky, you will bump into a partner that is a little bit of ‘see-el-sayeed’ which whatever he wants, then needs to be done (position, timing during the day, speed…etc).

Men generally, in the Arab world, need to understand women more and there should be COMMUNICATION. Clear communication pre-during-post sex is crucial for a successful relationship. For all women out there, talk with your partners! I know this might be difficult for you, but deliver the message in a nice, erotic way. This will make your man do what YOU want! To be fair, sometimes he needs more information from you which you might not be giving. To all Arab men, listen to your women, and if they are not talking much. Take her in your arms after a nice long day and encourage her to speak her mind. Also, make sure to praise her on things she is doing to satisfy you. Really, we do a lot! ;))

Okay, back to numbers and actual sizes, let me share with you some statistics!

First, regarding women and how they perceive their partner’s reproductive organ’s size. Seven out of eight women (84%) think that their man’s size is just fine, according to a research that was conducted by UCLA on 26,437 women who aged between 18 to 65. Also, the research concluded that men perceive their organ smaller than what their women partners think of it.

Concerning penis averages, on a global scale, here are the averages:

When erect, the reproductive organ size average between 4.6 inches (11.6cm) to 6.0 inches (15.24cm), that includes almost 70% of the entire population.

What about the numbers in the Arab world? Here are the averages:

Egypt: average of 5.5 inches (13.85cm)
Lebanon: average of 6.6 inches (16.82cm)
Morocco: average of 5.9 inches (15.03 cm)
Palestine: average of 5.7 inches (14.50cm)
Algeria: average of 5.7 inches (14.50cm)
Tunisia: average of 5.8 inches (14.60cm)
United Arab Emirates: average of 4.9 inches (14.61cm)
Saudi Arabia: average of 4.9 inches (12.40cm)
Kuwait: average of 4.5 inches (11.38cm)
Libya: average of 5.4 inches (13.74cm)

Again, I hope you haven’t been testing your erect organ and taking its measurements. Remember, its all about your attitude with your woman. You could have the smallest organ in the world, and your partner would be the happiest women sexually on the planet! Communicate, understand her needs and make sure to do what satisfies you BOTH.

Sara Adel

Sara Adel

From Cairo to Paris with love, and many countries in between. Sara has been traveling all-over to bring you the ins and outs about travel, the experiences, relationships and share with the world the craziness. She considers herself a normal Egyptian girl, but she isn't! Currently digging deep to be able to know and learn more about this 'life' we are living!