Inspiration does not have a certain prescription, but it just happens. Sometimes we are inspired by a role model in a certain field. S/He shines a light and inspires us on how to move on. S/He shows us how our future might turn out to be. The role model can be anyone: a singer, an actor, a professor, an athlete, a champion, or family. Those role models inspire us by making our hopes tangible, feasible and also visible. We can clearly plan our next steps and persist on achieving our hopes after this role model has influenced our lives.

Other times, we are inspired by a beautiful dream we had in our sleep. Sometimes we pray a lot, and we keep asking God for guidance. Sometimes, in the middle of darkness, we might have a really wonderful dream which has clear messages that we are on the right way. The dream might be unclear for everyone, but it would definitely be very clear to its owner. Dreams are one of the powerful inspirational tools that some gifted people have and know how to use.

InspirationPerspirationSome other times, we are inspired by a hope we live on. We are being pushed by our optimism that what we wish for will one day come true. We might believe in this hope more than any other thing in life. This hope moves us, pushes us and inspires us. We might take decisions based on this hope. Sometimes we might oversee facts for the sake of turning our hopes true. These hopes make us risk everything, in belief that things will be the way we wish them to be.

For other people, inspiration is a motivation implanted within our souls. We see targets. We see clear goals that we want to achieve. We plan and act out of motivation. We see our future. We move forward. We might even become an inspiration.. an actual motivation to others, by making them see how motivated we are at making our dreams come true.

Inspiration has no specific way in manifesting itself. Inspiration is a beautiful, powerful tool that can turn our lives to a happier, more successful one.

Abeer Ghander

Abeer Ghander

Abeer is a deep thinker, a quiet person... fragile yet hyperactive! She’s a married working mother who recently moved to a new country. She likes to consider herself living in multiple worlds at the same time. She lives on the extremes. Abeer is also a former hurdler who won gold medals for years. She loves writing and driving. You can read more of her articles here: