Choose Happiness!

Sometimes we feel so desperate to an extent that we believe that sadness is filling the corners of our lives, and that the whole universe is uniting to pursue its mission of putting us down…

Ever thought of how stupid these ideas might sound?

Truth is – from my point of view – sometimes we overestimate our problems

There are things in our lives that are too simple to be recognized: Waking up in the morning with a smile on your face, having a walk under the warm sun or appreciating the little (silly) things in our lives.

The question is: “Is simple bad?”

I believe that a simple world might lead to falling in love, a simple smile might lead to appreciation and a simple thought might lead to major successes.

If life was meant to be complex, we wouldn’t have found joy in the beauty of flowers, or happiness when playing with kids.

Choose! Choose to affect people with your humble attitude, choose to walk in this life in a simple manner and simply CHOOSE to look beyond the complicated vision that sometimes our negative energy creates.

By then, you’ll discover that your tears aren’t falling that much and that you’re not spendingthe best days of your life moaning about what you don’t have.

A very wise man once said: “Either you will be aware of your happiness and enjoy it with all your senses, or you will ignore that and look elsewhere for what you think you are lacking. In that case you will wait until the present becomes the past, then you will weep and realize how happy you were at that time.”

Choose! Choose to pick up the broken pieces and put them together inHappiness is a choice edited a better shape. Choose to pass over the miserable situations and look at the brighter side. Choose to stand up strong, because simply feeling strong is what will make you feel worthy, feel happy and feel beautiful…. Choose Happiness!





Lina Abou El Azm

Lina Abou El Azm

Lina is an Egyptian workaholic living in Dubai. Market Research is her career and the thing she spends most of her time doing. Yet this doesn't kill her growing passion for writing, traveling, music and sports. she is about everything that's authentic & real. She believes in nothing more than the power women have to change the world with ultimate sexiness & classiness. They call her crazy, but she still prefers being called "a wanderer who is in search of her cup of tea"