7 signs you BELONG to the Client Servicing Industry


You don’t understand the meaning of “it’s a weekend, I am not working” that all other employees usually say

keep calm work weekend

  • Client servicing has a very “nice” definition: have things prepared for your clients on the weekend so that they would comfortably/safely find them landed in their inbox by Sunday morning. Yet most of the time they actually end up checking them a couple of days LATER (because screw your weekend plans babe!)


You perfectly know how to change your tone before, while and after speaking to a client.

client call

  • Let’s not call it hypocrisy please! It is more of a nice act that you get to play on daily basis. You are so pissed off from the workload you have, yet when a client calls, you speak softly and nicely. Client says something really provocative, you hold your temper. Call ends… No need to continue what kind of dialogues might run after that!


“As you grow senior, you will get to work less and manage more”- dream on!

  • “I had a dream when I was young to become a manager, give directions to people and spend my day at work drinking coffee in those strategic meetings…. Then I worked in the client servicing industry and realized that not all dreams come true!”- said a Client Servicing Director.

(Note: please stop watching “Suits” if you belong to this industry. Harvey Specter is not the future you!)


You don’t befriend people unless they perfectly understand every little aspect of your job (nor date, as well)

  • Who said you will have a big number of friends or a wide social circle when working in this industry anyway? That’s just a mirage.


You genuinely appreciate the idea of: “DOING NOTHING”

food and TV

  • The amount of stress and responsibility you are constantly subjected to makes you appreciate sitting in your PJs watching silly movies with lots of comfort food surrounding you…. rather than doing all those damn cool activities that all your friends with a regular 9 to 5 job do.



You won’t be surprised to find that most of your industry colleagues are in messed-up relationships (unless they are dating/married to someone from the industry) 


  • Because such a lifestyle cannot be easily tolerated, and because I wouldn’t personally pick up a partner with such a demanding job!



You perfectly master the “ART OF SELECTING CLIENTS’ COMPLIMENTS”  


  • Because this young client will feel so happy when you notice and highlight that she lost weight, and this brand manager will be over the moon when you tell him how amazing his last campaign was, while this mother will just feel so proud when you tell how you loved her well-mannered kid that you saw in the club… yes, you learn how to master the fine art of complimenting clients.



Lina Abou El Azm

Lina Abou El Azm

Lina is an Egyptian workaholic living in Dubai. Market Research is her career and the thing she spends most of her time doing. Yet this doesn’t kill her growing passion for writing, traveling, music and sports. she is about everything that’s authentic & real. She believes in nothing more than the power women have to change the world with ultimate sexiness & classiness. They call her crazy, but she still prefers being called “a wanderer who is in search of her cup of tea”