Chameleon – a co-working space finally in Tagamo3!

“The wait is finally over!” was the first sentence in their Opening event invitation. And they were right; I had been waiting for such a place to open in New Cairo for ages, and it’s finally arrived and near my home too *yaay*.

Chameleon is a co-working space in first settlement (El tagamo3 el awal), New Cairo, with a lot to offer really. It has two spacious floors, a wide basement, a roof and a nice little garden.

Their main edge – besides the fact that they’re the only ones all of New Cairo – is that their interior is customizable to anyone who wants to work or hold an event there. They have tons of those trendy wooden pallets everywhere; some set up as corner benches to sit on and eat in the cafeteria, some as a theater style seating between the rooms where you can sit and relax in dim light, and some organized in a way that give a sort of stage for someone who wants to give a presentation. All these are easy to move around whenever needed to accommodate different needs and arrangements.

They have different sized rooms for meetings and startup offices as well as several open spaces for individuals, some of which will soon be divided by glass doors.


There’s also a U-shaped narrow area with a high counter and the walls are covered with continuous bulletin boards. So you can sit and focus on a high chair facing the wall with a space in front of you to stick some notes, paper in which you’re brainstorming something…etc.

In the ground floor entrance is an area being set up to hold a cafeteria. The seating and tables are all set but they are still setting up the coffee and food servicing itself. In the basement and first floor there are self-service area where you can make your own coffee or tea, and which they provide for free.

What I love about the place is that the founders were keen on putting the proper lighting to help people concentrate but not irritate them. It’s not neon and not the dull yellowish one, but something in between. Those are also customizable in height, so you can pull them down to make them close to you or vice versa. Some of the walls are covered with a blackboard-type material so you can write stuff on the wall. Right now it’s full of testimonials from the people who have attended the opening, and it looks colorful and full of life!

On my visit I met three students who were working there in a room. When I asked them what they thought of the place, they all agreed that it was like studying at home but without the things that keep distracting them or making them lazy, like the bed and TV. At this comment, the place co-founder who was giving me the tour, Yacoub Yassin, smiled and told that this exactly what they were hoping the people would find there.

The pricing for the place is so far simple enough. For the meeting rooms it’s LE 10 per hour per person, with a maximum of LE 60 (that is, if they take more than 6 hours, the price stays at LE60). For the individuals renting a place, it’s a rate per day and the rate is LE60.

However, they’re offering a DISCOUNT of 50% for students and 35% for adults during their opening month, which started on the 17th of March. Soon of course there will be monthly memberships and other models, but for now that’s what they offer.

I personally love the place and would definitely go there whenever I need to. It’s quiet and full of light and inviting to work and relax.


Eman Omar

Eman Omar

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