9 People You Meet at the Workplace

There are many different types of people at the workplace, we have digged in to many companies across the world, and here are nine different types;



The Conan

The Conan. Mr. Know-it-all, he can be on a vacation in another continent yet he knows about all the deals that the company is finalizing, all the recent updates of all employees and he also knows that the office boy got one of the interns a full-cream coffee instead of skimmed-milk. No one knows his sources.



The Donald. There is always that person who shows up late, leaves early and does nothing in between. This person tends to sleep a lot during the working hours and tends to give millions and millions of excuses for not doing their job or for making you do it for them.



The Dory. You’re in a meeting. The supervisor had been talking for 3 hours about the next project, explicitly explaining each task assigned to everyone in the room. Before the meeting is almost over, the Dory innocently asks, “Hey, what’s happening here?”



The Flash. Mr. can-do-anything, this person can excel in his tasks to the point that makes everyone look lazy. He helps others and if something got jammed he is the only one who can fix it.



The Hulk. The calm and easy person, this person can go from being incredibly quite to being worse than a women screaming from labor.



The Ironman. The second he opens his mouth, you can do nothing but shut up and listen to what he has to say. He would convince you of whatever he has in mind. If it is not for his presence, it will be for the different ways he tried with you. Charismatic, he has endless ideas and he will prove himself to you.



The Jaffar. This phone call that comes from your manager or supervisor asking you to come immediately to their office, and then you get scolded for something you did not do! Later on, you discover that someone set you up to get close to the manager or to get your position.



The Princess. The cutie; everything about her is cute, her hair, her makeup, her outfit, her perfume, her nail polish and even her cutie mobile cover. She is always happy, positive and nothing brings her down. But on the other hand, she does absolutely NOTHING because she has no time but making herself look incredibly stunning.



The Scrat. He challenges each and every situation he is in and tries to get the job done. Aims to win the best position of the company, and puts his professional life over his personal life. Yet he always fails.

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